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Visibl Gives SMBs Access To Premium Video Inventory

Big scale expansion of Lab.Coop's prime client

Today Visibl announced a huge milestone in their programmatic video-marketing platform's life. They teamed up with video inventory-manager SpotX Video Advertising to offer small and medium sized businesses premium placements with key publishers. In addition, Visibl has announced it is expanding its self-serve programmatic platform (developed by Lab.Coop) to agencies and businesses around the globe.


At Lab.Coop, we're very proud to be part of Visibl's journey all they way from building their MVP to expanding in such a big scale.


The Deal And Impact

Visibl, which launched in the United States last month, aims to democratize programmatic ad buying for the little guy: It gives small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the same access that megabrands have to target audiences at major sites for as little as $50.

"Bringing together SpotX's premium inventory and Visibl's users of small and mid-sized businesses is a huge step toward democratizing video media,” said Visibl founder Alex Bogusky.

The SpotX deal marks a significant milestone in the democratization of programmatic advertising, enabling Visibl to deliver premium ad placements to clients. Through this custom inventory, SMBs will have access to ad-placement opportunities that have not existed outside the media-agency-buying model.

Programmatic is not as daunting as it may seem to SMBs, according to Mike Shehan, CEO and Co-Founder of SpotX. "Setting up to take advantage of the efficiencies of programmatic poses an initial learning curve, but one that is easily overcome,” Shehan said.

Access to video ad placements across multiple publishers can be provided in automated marketplaces that package inventory around audience or content categories, demographics or even performance-based goals like engagement or viewability. This simplifies the buy for advertisers while giving them transparency into where the ads appear.

Programmatic Video Ad Treands


While other players have also been trying to develop more of a long-tail marketplace for premium media inventory, especially, video, Visibl’s news is significant, because it comes from Bogusky, and because the model is potentially so disruptive for big agencies and advertisers.


It’s been tried before, including an ambitious run by WPP-backed Spot Runner, but the programmatic video marketplace is much more developed now and self-serve models aimed at the little guy are becoming more accepted by big publishers.

American companies are projected to spend $3.84 billion on programmatic video by 2016.

About Visibl

Visibl is a breakthrough video-marketing platform that democratizes programmatic. For the first time, anyone can launch a video ad campaign that reaches target audiences across the biggest sites on the web. We pair the same enterprise tech that powers large advertisers with the ease of launching a Facebook campaign. In just 3 steps, you can target your ideal customer anywhere they are online. Visibl technology gives users access to 99% of worldwide programmatic audiences across all major ad-networks on desktop, mobile, and connected devices.

Visibl was founded by Alex Bogusky, Aquiles La Grave and Kelly Dotseth and is based in Boulder, CO. For more information follow @getvisibl or visit