• Building ventures. Together.

    Lab.Coop is an entrepreneur owned tech venture builder. We apply Holacracy and practice extreme transparency.

  • We incubate tech ventures

    As IT professionals our focus is on tech - lucky for both you and us it is a diverse field and allows us to adventure out, learn and experiment with diverse areas. We focus on market financed solutions that deliver immediate value for end users and faster ROI for us, the shareholders.

  • Diverse Service Portfolio


    Helping startups quickly craft relevant products. They also team up with bigger companies on risky/experimental projects. Booom helps validate your ideas and move your business forward.


    Co-founded with Digital Natives, Green Fox Academy is an opportunity for non-coders to reboot their careers and become developers - with almost 100% success in the job market.


    The hardware accelerator launches cutting edge IoT ideas into working businesses. A partnership of key industry partners ensure an ecosystem of hardware, software and mechatronics experts.

  • Think out of the boss!

    Take a seat in our risk and resource community of entrepreneurs. Join us.

    As co-owners we partner up to share responsibility, risk and success. As self-managed entrepreneurs we unite our skills and experience to be more.

  • Holacracy

    Matching the mindset, the company is operated by holacracy, a management method built on distributed decision making. Holacracy splits up the classical “boss” responsibility and gives access to power for more people. Circles of responsibilities run the show where everyone can take up a role. Holacracy is battle-tested and has scaled up to more than 10,000 Partners. .


    A group with complementing knowledge and skill-sets can easily realize ideas too grand for any single human. That’s why we take partnership and collaboration even outside of Lab.Coop.Together with similar companies iMind and Digital Natives we created a Consortium and work together on running Sales abroad and other shared challenges.

    Top notch people

    An organisation is as good as its people. Lab.Coop lets each Partner craft their own job description as each Partner grows new skills and experiences as new needs emerge for Lab.Coop. Partners find what they are really called to do, and Lab.Coop is driven forward. The whole process is lubricated by a generous learning budget.


    For profit, but not only. We make our business to recycle what we gain in order to build. We also reinvest our own work: all partners work in one of our ventures - and have the opportunity to move in between.

  • Our Story

    Lab.Coop was featured in the Startup Studio Playbook as an example of how to start a venture builder.

  • Lean Operations

    Our operations are baselined on these methodologies:

    Lean Product Development

    At Lab.Coop, we realize that ideas should not be taken at face value. We validate every major iteration on the market, whether it is business or product oriented, so that forward movement is always in the right direction.


    Agile Software Development

    We focus on keeping clean code, testing often, and delivering functional bits of the application as soon as they are ready. Our agile approach allows us to add to the build, while bringing our client with us each step of the way. We apply scrum and extreme programming (XP) methods, such as TDD.

    Design Thinking

    Define - Research - Ideation - Prototype - Choose - Implement

    Design thinking is a process for problem-solving. Unlike analytic thinking, design thinking is a process which includes the "building up" of ideas, with few, or no limits on breadth during a "brainstorming" phase.

  • Culture

    Learning organization

    Our eyes are on growth and we choose the road of improvement and experimentation to get there. We stay up-to-date and to take advice from those wiser than us. Every partner is encouraged to fail fast fail often, therefore fail safely.


    Building on independence and trust we highly cultivate transparency. Maintaining information sources that are available at all times we ensure all actions, decisions, responsibilities and plans are clear to all parties concerned. We have conflicts often and resolve them quickly. Clarity supports discussion.


    With malleable rules and no 9 to 5 policy we challenge everyone to work to the best of their self-knowledge: to work when they can be productive, and to initiate change when practices can be improved. There is an atmosphere of acceptance and air to be your best self the way it suits you.

  • Partners

    We get the mindset, play the game, and love the energy.

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