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    Products for mobile and web. 

  • Services

    We build not just products, but user journeys and get you traction.

    Product House

    We provide full stack, end to end mobile and web development, the lean way. 


    Step 1: Plan

    • Define MVP
    • Choosing the Right Technology
    • Growth & Marketing Strategy


    Step 2: Build

    • UI + UX Design
    • Mobile & Web Development
    • Marketing and User Acquisition
    • Metrics and Data Analysis


    Step 3: Test & Iterate

    • QA
    • Measurement
    • UX testing
    • Product Review

    Consulting & Coaching

    Fine-tuning your product with our experience and know-how.



    • Agile Software Development
    • Extreme Programming (XP)
    • JavaScript: Angular.JS, Node.JS
    • Lean Product Development
    • Design User Interfaces & Journeys
    • How and what to measure 


    • Analytical Product Assessment
    • User & Market Research
    • Traction Channel Evaluation 
    • The Art of Pitching
    • Defining Business Plan to Concept
    • Organization Development: Holacracy
  • Skills

    From top to bottom - Lab.Coop does it. 


    • iOS

    • Android


    • HTML5

    • CSS3

    • JavaScript:

    • AWS

    • NoSQL:
    • SQL
    • Scala


    • User Interface (UI) Design

    • User Experience (UX) Design
    • Wireframing

    • Graphic Design


    • Marketing performance measurement
    • Traction Strategy
    • Channel Testing
    • Social Advertising
    • SEM: AdWords
    • Inbound
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • SEO
    • Copywriting

    Analytics & Metrics

    • Market Research
    • Network Science
    • Model Building
    • Statistical Analysis
    • GoogleAnalytics
    • Funnels & Retention
    • R & SQL
    • A/B Testing
  • Methods

    Launching a successful product used to take a lot of time, money, and people.

    Now there is better strategy and technology that allows us to be both fast, and efficient.

    Lean Product Development

    At Lab.Coop, we realize that ideas should not be taken at face value. We validate every major iteration on the market, whether it is business or product oriented, so that forward movement is always in the right direction. 


    Agile Software Development

    We focus on keeping clean code, testing often, and delivering functional bits of the application as soon as they are ready.

    Our agile approach allows us to add to the build, while bringing our client with us each step of the way. We apply scrum and extreme programming (XP) methods, such as TDD.

    Design Thinking

    Define - Research - Ideation - Prototype - Choose - Implement

    Design thinking is a process for problem-solving. Unlike analytic thinking, design thinking is a process which includes the "building up" of ideas, with few, or no limits on breadth during a "brainstorming" phase.

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  • Our Team

    4 years experience together - we get the mindset, play the game, and love the energy.

    Peter Langmar, Peták


    Peter has researched social media, co-founded Brickflow and Kontra Lab, worked for the Harvard incubator, Art Science Labs. Peter brings extensive hands on experience in business development and project management. TEDx speaker, Forbes 30 U 30.

    twitter  linkedin



    Tamas Kokeny, Egg
    Tech Lead

    Tamas comes from Prezi, but has contributed to other web projects over the past five years. He also teaches JavaScript. In co-founding and building Brickflow, he has learned to manage development teams. He's the leading mentor of GreenFox Academy.

    github  linkedin

    Daniel Nagy
    PO & Digital Marketer

    Daniel is our traction and growth specialist. He started at companies like Deutsche Telekom, but transformed his experience while working for startups. He knows that building a great app is only a half success without users.

    twitter linkedin

    Juli Mata
    Design Strategist
    Juli brings the user into the center of development. With 10+ years of UX and interaction design experience at companies like Telekom, she can not only dress up your product, but make sure that they work to the full satisfaction of your users.
    twitter linkedin

    Marton Banyo

    PO & Project Manager

    Marton gets devs to get things done, while always keeping the project on brief. With a strong sense of business needs and a solid tech background he's best at orchestrating agile software development projects for more than 6 years now.


    Istvan Köcse


    Istvan has 15 years of finance, organization development and project management experience. He was a controller at Porsche Group and facilitated the growth of Sony Pictures Television CE for 10+ years. He also worked with startups like Starschema (CFO) and BeeRides (Biz Consultant).

    Dr. Nora Kiss
    Legal Counsel

    Nora’s developed an excellent logic for civil code during her 12+ years of practice as a real estate and company lawyer. She already handled 150-party contracts 3 months after graduating from ELTE. Her international clientele addresses her as the best lawyer in town, while she’s still got time for pro bono work.

    Denes Pal
    Tech Lead

    Denes is a professional web developer and a seasoned entrepreneur. He codes for 10+ years now and excels in scaling complex systems, written in JavaScript. He also gained extensive experience in building ventures and leading dev teams, as a founder of Sopreso.
    github linkedin

    David Judik
    Full Stack & iOS Developer

    David is sensitive to detail. Combine that with more than 5 years of web (NODE.JS, Express, React, Angular) and mobile experience and you have the perfect frontend developer. Several iOS applications left his hands, more and more of them written in Swift.

    github  linkedin

    Adam Banko

    Organization and Software Developer

    Adam worked as a developer at Prezi while it has grown from 30 to 200 people. This experience fueled his interest in org. development, being the guide on the way to a scalable agile organization.

    github linkedin 

    Daniel Deme

    UX and UI Designer

    Dani fills products with emotion and creativity. He has 10+ years of art direction and visual design experience at Isobar Budapest working on brands like Telekom, Samsung and Procter & Gamble. He runs a Product Design course on MET and teaches at MOME.

    linkedin behance 

    Adam Golya
    Software Developer
    Adam develops for 10+ years, while he’s also an entrepreneur and the technical co-founder of Globelist. He’s best at building distributed systems, mobile apps and SAAS platforms. He believes in fast feedback loops to develop user-centered solutions.

    linkedin github

    Aniko Fejes

    Code & Community

    Aniko's imagination often runs wild. She puts this to good use in frontend development for 8 years now. She worked at agencies and Telekom's Kitchen Budapest. She also organizes the Frontend Meetup, teaches at MOME and at GreenFox Academy.

    github twitter linkedin 

    Laszlo Szucs

    Web Developer

    Laszlo is coding for 10 years now. He has been building stable and scalable backend infrastructure ever since. While he is at his best building infrastructure, he also has notable skills in frontend development.

    github linkedin

    Marci Ban

    Web Developer

    Marci is super eager to learn. He already has hands on experience with Node.JS + Angular and as a hobby develops games for Android. He studies at the Budapest University of Technology & Economics.

    github linkedin  


    Viktor Keri

    Web Developer

    Viktor has 10+ years of software and teaching experience. After freelancing he joined our team to engage with the newest tech. He already excels React, Node.JS and other JavaScript. He’s also a mentor of GreenFox Academy.

    github linkedin

    Ryan Lane

    Software Developer

    Ryan solves complex problems. He brings experience from Prezi and the New York MTA, graduated at ASU, develops in languages like Python, JavaScript and Prolog. An avid (human language) polyglot, he views software as communication, and emphasizes clarity when building systems.

    github linkedin

    Adam Gyulavari, Aze
    Android & Software Engineer
    Adam codes for 14 years now and is also a professional IT educator, holding degrees from BME. Besides having extensive Android and Ruby on Rails experience he also teaches the future generations of developers in a high school and in GreenFox Academy.

    github linkedin

    Erik Wyatt

    Web Developer

    Erik has an analytical mind. He makes great use of it as a full-stack web developer. He gained several years of Python and Node.JS experience while improving recommendation and search at Prezi.

    github linkedin  

    Simon Marton
    Simon has been coding since he was 14. He developed games and personal/ industrial ambient playback systems at 3GM. He is best in JavaScript, among other web technologies. He also enjoys tinkering with electronics and is a crazy biker.
    github linkedin

    Mark Jesztrebszki, Jeszi

    Web Developer

    Mark’s ambition is to become an expert on web technologies. The first steps are Node.JS and React with more to come. He develops games on the side while being a graduate student of the Budapest University of Technology & Economics.

    github linkedin

  • References

    Apps and projects that rolled out with our help

    and a few code samples: Swift | Node.JS 1 | Node.JS 2

    US-based Brandzooka enables local small businesses to place a video advertisements across the entire internet and target their local audience on websites like The New York Times and Pandora. We developed their MVP to prove the concept and build their product in React and Node.JS ever since.


    Emarsys’ eMarketing Suite is an excellent cloud marketing platform. It offers an integrated, complete and actionable solution to maximize customer engagement and revenue. We work with them on building products in Node.JS and consult on digital marketing efforts.


    ShiwaForce.com is an innovative, startup-minded company with more than 70 employees providing digital transformation solutions. Large Hungarian enterprises such as Telekom, OTP Bank, ERSTE Bank depend on ShiwaForce.com for multi-platform content management systems and behavior-driven solutions that maximize online sales potential.  Lab.coop works with them on market validation and testing as well as consulting on digital marketing strategy.


    Belgium-based HappyBridge is a fun an easy way to share beautiful moments and stories with your (grand)parents and other relatives who struggle to access the ever growing digital world. Together with Digital Natives we developed their iOS application that is available in the AppStore.


    Konetik is an early-stage startup developing a data based fleet management system for SMEs. A small hardware plugged in the car, combined with a mobile app and web dashboard. We worked with them on market validation and testing, and consult on digital marketing.

    Kifly is a travel app that guides you through the maze of airports and connect you to the people you care about by combining flight information and your social media accounts. We co-operated with them in developing their iOS application.

    Virgo is one of the most successful Hungarian software development companies, with more than fifty people. They launched iWiW, the local social network and worked on hundreds of projects. We partnered with them and mainly work and consult on projects requiring Node.JS.

    Digital Natives is one of Central and Eastern Europe’s most significant development companies. They develop on Ruby on Rails, iOS and Android, following agile methods. We collaborate on iOS development and also consult on digital marketing issues.


    Training & Teaching

    A startup project of the co-founders of Lab.Coop


    Brickflow is a personalized visual-content discovery web and mobile app that helped more than 150,000 users to discover and arrange inspirational and exciting content from all over the internet.


    It came to the point where the team could not commit the necessary time and resources to develop it further. Therefore it was decided to stop maintaining the service and open-source its code-base.

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